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fifty2:six – Winter Moment

It was getting cold this week. On yet another walk in the park, the seabirds were standing on the frozen sea. The photo is not my favorite style of photography. I like to do landscapes with impressive color. But since it’s typical German winter, I have to take what comes. But I like this photo, it is a very good composition in my mind. I’m pleased this week.

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fifty2:five – Eurasian coot

Another week has passed by. It’s already February.Time for a short review of the 52 project. First of all, I have posted a photo every week so far! Great. It feels good to take photos and exercise. On the other hand, the pressure to have to do it feels make me thinking. Organize catalogue, edit pictures, selecting one and publish it, no matter what but at least one image. That does not spark creativity. I have to spend much time and energy on my day job. Then, at the weekend I also have to do the project. But, I don’t want to complain. Let’s see how it works at the end of the year.

This image shows a Eurasian Coot. It was taken during a walk.

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fifty2:three – CGN airport

Not all weeks are shiny, beautiful and eventful. This week was good, a lot of work to do. There was also a storm rolling over Germany this week. But anyway, the Mountain Bike season needs to be prepared. I see the view in the picture more often these days. It is the end of the runway of Cologne/Bonn airport, you can see the tower in the background. It is part of my training route. Quite interesting if you hear the turbines powering and smell the burned fuel. The day I took the photo was a two hour ride, 2mm rain, 2.8 degree Celsius. Not nice.
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fifty2:two – Nutria on the run

Yeah, I’m a bit surprised that I have managed a second 52 photo project picture. The workload increased significantly this week, but I took a lot of pictures.

This week, I was on a walk with my wife and we visited a lake, where a nutria is living. This animal looks like a mix of the Biever and a rat, but very cute. Its origin was in South America, so it is not common here in Germany. The other animals in the lake somehow dislike it. In this case, it is chased by a swan. But it is just a beef between animals, nothing serious.

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As many people have, I have picked some New Years resolutions. As I’m interested in photography but didn’t have shot much in the past two years, I want to do more. I want to do some projects and one of them is a 52-week project. If you’re not familiar with it, it means that I shoot and publish a picture every week for a year. This is just to stick with photography, get some creative mojo and practice the craft. So don’t expect awesome fine-art photos every week.

This is my first photo. The whole week here was mostly overcast, rainy and some winter storms (without snow). One day in the evening on a walk, the sun came out to say goodbye for the day.

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Do’s And Don’ts For Building A Developer Community

Support your developer community. Developers want to create successful stuff instead of try and error.
Support your developer community. Developers want to create successful stuff instead of try and error.

The great thing about the software tools today is, that most of them provide an API for developers. People can enhance, connect or create new products with the API. But how can you support developers and build a developer community or developer ecosystem? This Do’s and Dont’s list will help you to navigate through the unlimited possibilities of activities.

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6 Technology Trends for 2018

Every year, the innovation cycle gets shorter and shorter. Who know’s what technologies will emerge in 2018. But some big technology trends have recognizable growing attention. I predict that the following selected 6 technology trends will become sustainable in 2018.

Autonomous drones

Drones are still a cutting-edge technology, apart from multi-copters for filming purposes. Fully autonomous drones can be observed in closed areas, like logistic centers. Some prove of concepts already have been done in public for pizza delivery, postal service, or parcel delivery. In 2018, artificial intelligence and robotics will mature to commercial readiness.

Edge Computing

Multi-Access Edge Computing (or Mobile Edge Computing; MEC) will come commercially available in carrier networks. Even before the 5G standard will be finished, carriers will implement cloud computing capabilities in their networks. The question is, do they have the customer in mind and deploy a common system or do they create isolated solutions? Anyway, application builders can improve their customer experience with low latency or compute offloading solutions.

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Retrospective 12/2017 & Year Review 2017

Retrospective 2017

Happy New Year 2018! I hope everybody had a vibrant start to the new year. Like the end of last year, I updated my goals and set up new goals for 2018 in the last days. As usual, the main problem is the lack of time. Here and there are some possible obstacles in sight, but to achieve all I want to do I need more time. You know? At least with my (new) job with the Edge Computing, I can enjoy technology & programming again. I hope you will stay with me the next year. I plan some more blog posts about the Edge stuff. But, I won’t promise anything, because, you know… procrastinating and so on. But let me recap:

What have I done in December

  • finalized projects for CoT – there are some nice updates in the pipe for early 2018
  • completed my overall 2017 cycling goal
  • started my first experiments on the DT edge computing platform – I’m
  • submitted a proposal for buildingIoT 2018
  • preparations for MWC 2018
  • Christmas shopping ordering


  • maybe I should take more pictures again
  • it needs a clear definition of Fog and Edge Computing
  • these books don’t write themselves
  • this could be a sustainable business…



Recap of 2017

Let me start off by thanking everybody who was with me in 2017 and for all your support!

  • Business: in 2017, there were more up’s and down’s than usual. But since Cloud of Things was migrated to our superior hosting partner, we had an uptime of 100%. Since then we had a dry period. Some maintenance and organizational changes, but no surprises. The numbers were sophisticating. In the second half, there was a hard time. Setting up new initiatives but still, do the right things.
  • Private goals: there are some checked and a few missed goals. Checked? Definitely sports
Veloviewer Infographic of my activities in 2017

Let’s start strong in 2018 and thank you for being here!

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