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fifty2:sixteen – Green II

A week full of sunshine! Every day, a sunny day. Perfect for outdoor activities and I did so, from Monday till Sunday. As summer is arriving, all the trees are getting green and that is wonderful.

Photography was not priority number one, but I did a couple of shots after I picked up my camera from sensor cleaning. Now I don’t need to clone/repair the dust spots. I still try to get some good focus stacking results, but surprisingly I need to train more and more.s

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fifty2:three – CGN airport

Not all weeks are shiny, beautiful and eventful. This week was good, a lot of work to do. There was also a storm rolling over Germany this week. But anyway, the Mountain Bike season needs to be prepared. I see the view in the picture more often these days. It is the end of the runway of Cologne/Bonn airport, you can see the tower in the background. It is part of my training route. Quite interesting if you hear the turbines powering and smell the burned fuel. The day I took the photo was a two hour ride, 2mm rain, 2.8 degree Celsius. Not nice.
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