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Computer Science – My Profession

I’m passionate about Computer Science. Though I am very keen on technology in general, the great field of Computer Science is in my main interest, particularly the area of software engineering.

These are my areas of interest:

Data Science
My latest area of interest is Data Science. After working on connecting things to the internet and transfer and commands to devices and measurements to the platform, I believe that customers are interested in the data. My thoughts are validated through reports and maturity models. Thus, the time has come to learn about data science. Regarding the Data Science Venn Diagram, I’m coming from the Hacking Skills side and want to gain knowledge and experience to the other areas.
Internet of Things
In the recent years I have worked in this area. When I started, it was called “telematic services”, and now it’s a growing field of technology, services and products. Right now I’m working right now on an Internet of Things platform: Cloud of Things.
Agile Development
During my diploma thesis, I conducted research about Extreme Programming and understood the value of these methods. In my first job I started changing the development process of Snoovel to Scrum. I later worked in nearly every role in a Scrum team: implementation team, PO and Scrum Master. I very much enjoyed the latest role.
Continuous Delivery
Innovation cycles are short these days. From concept to cash is an important metric. Using Design Thinking to validate ideas fast and Scrum to develop shippable increments is great and Continuous Delivery is the last step to get a short from concept to cash cycle.
Software Engineering
The basic craft of Computer Science. I have the most experience in Java, but I’m interested in many languages and frameworks, most about large-scale computing, like clusters, etc.
In my career, I have also developed Apps and Websites.
Lean Startup
I have been involved in the starting phase of many products during my career. I learned the Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, being Customer Centric and so on. In contrast to the other areas I’m fine with being an active user, not a researcher… and this is not an area of Computer Science ;)

Portfolio of Computer Science Projects

Cloud of Things Java Rest SDK

January 2016

I started developing an SDK for the Cloud of Things REST interface in Java. On the one hand I wanted to provide a useful tool, while on the other hand I wanted to get back to code again.

Computer Science portfolio: Cloud of Things Java Rest SDK

AirQuality Lab

December 2014

With growing prominence of the RaspberryPi I wanted to play with lower electronics. I therefore started a RaspberryPi project with sensors and connected some sensors to measure air quality: luminosity, temperature, air pressure, humidity and air pollution. I’m reading the sensor values every 30 seconds and storing them in the Cloud of Things. For some years now, I have gathered a high-resolution database with 80k+ measurements every month. I use it as my personal data base for data mining and machine learning.

Computer Science portfolio: AirQuality Lab

Cloud of Things

September 2014

Connecting machines is the technical basis of digitization under Industrie 4.0. It opens up new business models for companies, optimizes production processes, and improves service. The Cloud of Things is Deutsche Telekom’s contribution to the management and control of connected devices. It is an IoT platform that collects sensor data from different machines and evaluates and visualizes them.

Computer Science portfolio: Cloud of Things


July 2012 – July 2016

Developed to be the first productive service on a multisided service platform for B2B2C services, the Fahrtenmanager, a driver’s log, was created. I served the development team as architect first and finally as Scrum Master. Our team developed the complex business logic of the driver’s log. Scrum, TDD, automated acceptance tests and a continuous delivery pipeline helped us to deliver potentially shippable increments for the real-life test drivers. As a result, there were less than three bugs in production, despite the fact that we restructured the logic several times.

Computer Science portfolio: Fahrtenmanager


2007 – 2008

After working on an inflight entertainment project, GONICUS began to develop a platform for destination marketing. It was a social community based around a pre-version of the Google Earth browser plugin. The platform had a movie editor-like tool to create animated flights through Google Earth. With the official Google Earth Plugin developed by Paul Rademacher, it was even able to even move through buildings.

Computer Science portfolio: Snoovel

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