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Tag: scrum

Fridaygram 03/2015

This is my week in links: maybe I should rename it from fridaygram to something weekly VentureBeat about what to expect next: A cloud platform for the Internet of things. (Can’t wait to launch our work) [GER] German language, but very good article about why a process model (1st level) is the wrong way to use scrum in large projects. It is about more about self-management and self-organisation. Die Skalierung von Scrum ist doch gar nicht das Thema! (Maybe use translated version) A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Internet of Things Some DevOps stuff from Deutsche Telekom for automatically hardening your server system. It starts with support for Linux OS and some applications MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache and Nginx Just found the UX und Tollerei Blog. Maybe a good UX resource for you: Read the latest issue Learning to Wireframe: 10 Best Practices. A help for every Product Owner or Product…

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Fridaygram 02/2015

These are my last two weeks in Links: and yes, it is delayed a day ;) Johanna Rothman about when to move from Scrum to Kanban (or Iterations to Flow). A nice list of  Internet of Things products Five Tips to Hiring a Generalizing Specialist A good debate about what is needed to start a product MVP and Minimal Indispensable Feature Set Getting RE-TRAINED To Be A ScrumMaster  Sven Pet about what skills a Next-Gen Programmer needs to master What does it take to be a good Scrum Trainer A little bit off topic: A fascinating travel story about a MTB adventure in Peru

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Fridaygram 49/14

My Week in Links [GER] hat eine gute Artikelsammlung zum Thema Docker bereitgestellt. [GER] In sieben Schritten ins Internet der Dinge IMHO a very good and actual  Overview about Industry 4.0 ScrumMasters Should Not Also Be Product Owners. Period. I like this Portfolio Board from Ship It! Go and copy! We have visualized our portfolio in a not so illustrated way and its worth it! Send a JSON object to server over TCP connection in Java using Socket yes, simple stupid java stuff. If you want to move from local Hadoop development to a remote, real life cluster, start and finish in 20 minutes (or so ;) ): Setting up a CDH cluster on Amazon EC2 in less than 20 minutes  Have a nice weekend!

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