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My 2022 in review

The end is near, I mean the end of the year. I want to look back and reflect on my personal year.


First public conference talk(s): At this year’s FrOSCon, I was invited to give two conference talks – on one day. That was my first time at a public conference and it went very well.

Published first print article: I could land a spot in a German IT magazine, “IT-Spektrum”. It was a long dream of mine to do this and I was very happy that it worked on the first try.

Published a web article on GraphQL: Together with Oliver I wrote an article about GraphQL Federation in microservice architectures.

Full course at the University: I had the offer to create a 12 part course about Cloud Computing. I can say, it was a ride to do this as a side hustle :)

Finished Master thesis and achieved a Master’s degree in Computer Science: I studied computer science with a Diploma (FH) degree in 2007. I continued to start with a Master’s degree but lost track somewhere in 2012. With my activities as a lecturer, I wanted to complete the Master to advise on Master thesis. So I completed the studies.

A nice garden: I rebuild our garden in the summer. Removed most of the plants and grass, and created a blank surface for a new green. Hot temperatures of 38 °C resulted in a peak of 4,800 calories from 4h of digging the earth over. Now I can enjoy the next summer.

Certifications: I achieved the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification and the AWS Well-Architected Batch

1,000 km on the bike: Between all of the above, I rode my bike. My goal was 1,500km, but…

Books I Read

Science Fiction in relation to the metaverse

  • Neuromancer: First part of a science fiction trilogy, written in 1984. You can find some origins of the metaverse in the book.
  • Snow Crash: The novel by Neal Stephenson, that first coined the term metaverse. Written in 1992, I guess it was up in space at that time. Still today, it is a bit on the moon, but not that far from reality.

Science Fiction – mostly german so-called hard science fiction

  • Termination Shock (Neal Stephenson)
  • Titan (Eismond 2)
  • Die Störung 2 – Die Antwort
  • Enceladus (Eismond 1)
  • A.L.I.C.E.

Some special interest books

  • Apache Kafka: Von den Grundlagen bis zum Produktiveinsatz
  • Data Mesh
  • Blockchain Wars

About Business

  • Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer: Wie Sie und Ihr Unternehmen neue Dynamik gewinnen
  • Follow The Pain

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