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Award Winning Graphical Abstract and Paper Presentation at IEEE MetroXRAINE 2023

Early in October, I contributed to the IEEE MetroXRAINE 2023 in Milano Italy. With my work, I presented the approach for my PhD research. The paper is titled “Towards the Integration of Metaverse and Multimedia Information Retrieval”. In a nutshell, integrating the metaverse with Multimedia Information Retrieval (MMIR) can be grouped into at least two cases: metaverse used MMIR and MMIR processes metaverse produced multimedia. However, my research concentrates on the integration of metaverse-produced content in MMIR. But more on this in another post. In the submission, I sent a graphical abstract, and hey, it was awarded!


IEEE MetroXRAINE is an interdisciplinary conference on the fields of metrology, Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Engineering. I tried an EEG-based brain interface for a game. It is an awesome experience, and I’m excited to see more of this technology in the future. But for sure, I need to concentrate more on my research!

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