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Good Bye Deutsche Telekom – Hello Tarent Solutions

Exciting news: after 7+ years I will leave the Deutsche Telekom to join tarent solutions as Head of Emerging Technologies.

All in all, my time at Deutsche Telekom was a journey of continuous learning. Besides all the quirks of a large enterprise, I was lucky to join great teams, do exciting projects and push products like the Cloud of Things. But time has come to CHANGE.

Tarent solutions is a technology service provider with offices in Bonn, Cologne, Berlin and Bucharest. Developing innovative software solutions for more than 20 years, as well as integrating them into complex IT infrastructures.

With the growing number and complexity of information technology and technology in general, it becomes more challenging to keep up with and focus on certain technologies. This is my new and continuing mission: “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life [tech] and new civilizations [communities], to boldly go where no one has gone before.” 😜 In all my years as a professional, I was working with new and innovative technologies. It is always exciting to be an innovator or early adaptor. Sometimes frustrating to work with new, undocumented and half-baked stuff. But, in the end, a lot of fun. Good, whats next? I guess I should validate if my 6 Technology Trends for 2018 are coming true.

I’m happy to get in contact with you to talk about Emerging Technologies. Get in contact with me via Twitter, LinkedIn or XING

BTW: You can now consider all mail from as spam.

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