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Updates 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve written a text article here. About a year. That’s when I joined tarent solutions. Since then a lot has happened. Good as well as bad.


I gave a few Meetups talks that year and wrote articles that were published on various pages and magazines. I’ve set up a page that lists my publications.


Quite unexpectedly, I came to give a few lectures at the International University of Bad Honnef. As part of the module Internet of Things, I will give some lectures on technical topics. I am curious how it will go.

Sports injuries

I’ve sustained a series of injuries. So, with the exception of an epic mountain bike trip with my buddies Ben and Chris, the year was only marked by hard training. But it goes on slowly again.


Because of the new leisure time I gained (no cycling) I was again busy with my other hobby photography. I discovered the moving picture. Makes also much fun and I have desire there a few more things to make. But as it is always so, the time is just finite :)

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