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My personal recap of 2015

While 2015 is nearly gone, many people use the time to recap the year. So did I. It was a very interesting year and there a many different parts to look at:


Some photos from different journeys and day trips.

Lissabon  Maderia  Madeira
Madeira  Madeira Walk


  • I did 39 bike rides, which means 1.353 km and a full time of 4,5 days on the bike. Many of them with good friends.
  • I have attended my first ever Enduro MTB race in Willingen. Crashed in training (casual over the handlebar), injured wrist and chest. Completed race, but resulted 239 of 250. Not that bad with just one hand on the handlebar and I completed my personal goal.
  • I did 36 runs, 155km and 18 hours in total. I also did many body workouts.
  • Maintenance of the bike required my mechanic skills and I’ve learned a lot new stuff.


  • According to Remember the Milk I completed 1.244 Tasks.
  • In March, during CeBIT, the product I’m working on, Cloud of Things, was announced to the public. In June, we were ready for service.
  • We pushed two major version updates in production and worked on more fancy stuff for 2016.
  • Since then we had stormy times with some service issues, but also internal re-org, technically challenging IoT projects and onboardings with customers. I learned very much about technologies like field bus systems, TCP/IP, PaaS, Docker, scalability in general.
  • I dipped my toes in the field of Machine Learning, especially with Apache Spark. I will continue in 2016.
  • I learned a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of leading a team in different modes (Scrum, type-of Kanban, freestyle).
  • I again learned how good it felt, if customers like your product.
  • I learned by experience, how hard it is to transfer from project into the line organization without any vision, leadership and guidance.
  • We finished merger of two subsidiaries. We moved offices to the Telekom Campus (with Starbucks inside – Woohoo).
  • I enjoyed developing my own leadership skills.


It was a very interesting year with ups and downs, but for me personal, it was a very successful year as I was very happy and had plenty of new experiences!

Happy New Year!

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